There are five windows that illuminate that corner, which marks the division between Corso Como on one side and Piazza XXV Aprile on the other. These shop windows have been present since 1976, at a time when the city had a very different face. At that time, the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline today were not visible, nor were the renowned culinary chefs gathered here. Over the years, these shop windows have witnessed the transformation of the Milanese and the flow of tourists, driven first by the curiosity to explore the exciting suburbs and today by the search for a quieter progressive vision. It's remarkable how quickly the days melt into the years, but these storefronts have consistently avoided following conformity. They resisted the homogeneity of seasonal fashion trends and defended themselves from being observed without passion, indifference or antipathy. What really matters is that those who observed them recognized in the reflection of the glass the image of an extraordinary individual, beyond the norm.

We sell clothing, but not clothing that's displayed on a hanger labeled "sale."

We offer footwear, but not those with immaculate soles marked "made in Italy

We provide accessories, but not the same ones found in large shopping areas

Il nostro approccio consiste nell'eseguire una selezione accurata, nella sartoria, nella rifinitura, nella personalizzazione, nella progettazione, nella produzione, nella marchiatura e nell'innovazione.

Collaboriamo con talenti creativi, comprendiamo le esigenze dei nostri clienti, esploriamo nuove possibilità e, naturalmente, impariamo dai nostri errori. Di certo, il nostro impegno non conosce limiti.